Copper Rock International Small Cap

Product Profile

Asset Class / Style: International Equity / Core with a Growth Bias
Benchmark: S&P Developed Ex-U.S. Small Cap

Strategy Overview

Top 10 Holdings As of 12/31/2013
Greencore Group Plc 1.7%
Savills plc 1.7%
GN Store Nord A/S 1.7%
Plastic Omnium SA 1.6%
Ubisoft Entertainment SA 1.6%
Topdanmark A/S 1.5%
Horizon North Logistics, Inc. 1.5%
WestJet 1.5%
Hoshizaki Electric Co., Ltd. 1.5%
NORMA Group SE 1.5%

We believe using a balance of quantitative and fundamental analyses to identify companies with superior growth relative to their peers will lead to consistent levels of outperformance. We seek to identify the emerging leaders across industries because investing in future market leaders enables us to provide our clients with access to best-of-class companies at an early point in their growth cycle and before widespread investor interest drives valuations upward. This dynamic strategy combined with the following attributes generates strong and consistent long-term performance, and differentiates us from our competitors.

Our objective is to outperform the MSCI World Small Cap index and to rank in the top half of the peer group on an annual basis.

Sector Weights As of 12/31/2013
Sectors Copper Rock
Industrials 23.4%
Financials 19.1%
Consumer Discretionary 15.9%
Information Technology 9.3%
Materials 8.7%
Consumer Staples 7.6%
Health Care 7.3%
Telecom Services 2.6%
Cash 2.4%
Energy 2.0%
Utilities 1.8%
Portfolio Characteristics As of 12/31/2013
Characteristics Copper Rock
P/E Ratio 16.76
P/B Ratio 2.41
Weighted Average Market Cap ($B) 2.7
Yield 1.76
3-Year Earnings Per Share Growth 14.67
Current ROE 17.33
Country Allocations As of 12/31/2013
Countries Copper Rock
United Kingdom 26.9%
Japan 18.1%
Canada 7.4%
Denmark 6.5%
Germany 6.3%
France 4.3%
Italy 3.5%
Ireland 3.1%
Sweden 3.0%
Cash 2.4%
Switzerland 2.4%
Hong Kong 2.3%
Finland 2.2%
Belgium 1.8%
China 1.7%
Israel 1.1%
South Korea 1.1%
Spain 1.1%
Australia 1.1%
Austria 1.0%
Portugal 0.7%
Norway 0.7%
Singapore 0.7%
Thailand 0.6%


Sector allocations use the GICS sectors.

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