Global Equities Investment Specialists

Investment Philosophy

Copper Rock believes that small and mid-cap markets are inefficient. We take advantage of the inefficiencies across market capitalization and geographies to generate alpha for our clients. We apply rigorous fundamental research combined with a disciplined sell strategy to identify companies with superior growth relative to their peers. Our ability to identify these top-performing companies before widespread investor recognition drives valuations upwards leads to consistent levels of out-performance over time.

Rigorous Sell Discipline

A well executed sell discipline adds incremental value to our investment strategies over time. These sell disciplines, for which the team has become known, keep our investment professionals focused on protecting the alpha already earned in the portfolios.

Risk Management

Copper Rock recognizes the importance of applying disciplined risk management at the individual strategy level and firm wide. Our investment strategies are designed to adapt as the markets evolve while always maintaining a practical application of risk management to ensure the alpha generation is consistent and within the requirements of our clients.